Puffmi New Zealand: 

World Class Disposable Vape

Puffmi is made by SMOORE TECHNOLOGY

SMOORE TECHNOLOGY is the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer, public listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (6969:HK) with a market capitalisation of NZD $23 Billion.

  • SMOORE manufactures vaping devices for global brands such as VUSE (BAT) and RELX.
  • SMOORE is the parent company of VAPORESSO.
  • Global revenue in year 2021: NZD $3.2 Billion.

1200+ R&D Engineers and Scientists

1+ Billion Vaping Devices Shipped Yearly



3ml    up to 800 Puffs

 MoH Registration





 Mint Ice




 Apple Peach


 Banana Ice


 Blueberry Ice


 Bull (Red Bull)


 Cola Ice


 Grape Ice


 Green Apple Ice


 Lush Ice


 Mango Ice


 Passion Fruit Ice


 Peach Ice


 Strawberry Ice


 Strawberry Ice Cream


Puffmi Mini 3ml Disposable Vape (800 Puffs, 50mg/ml)

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